19 May 2016

Volvo V


— How 40 000 downloaded the app and spent more than 30 minutes playing around with it.

Volvos new car V90 was being launched and had several innovative features. One of them was voice guidance. Volvo Norway wanted to highlight this smart feature in a way that was itself inventive. So when JCP Ignite came to us with an idea for a talkative solution, called V, we knew we were up for a real challenge. We had to build an app that would make people want to get to know V in order to win a V90 for themselves.


Since this technology works best using an app, we thought that this was the smartest way to solve the problem. When making V, we needed to simulate artificial intelligence – which has never been done before. And to make it as smooth and lifelike as possible, all V’s answers had to be prerecorded. JCP Ignite did a huge job in trying to predict how conversations would be going and trying to incorporate correct answers. The answers had to be informative, so it was, needless to say, quite some work put into it.


Preview of interaction in app:

In addition to the app, we also created a teaser website for the app.


AI is trending now, and the app got some PR when we launched. For Volvo, it was important that V also informed about the great features of the car. The dialogs, therefore, were both informative and entertaining – In short, V was infotainment. And the users loved it. They spent hours watching the short movies and playing around with the brand.

We published new content every week for four weeks and provided the users with lots of different and entertaining content.



The app had 40 000 downloads and the users were in the app for an average of 30 minutes.

“We have never seen this kind of engagement before – it is truly unique. Working with project has been both challenging, fun and given us lots of new knowledge.” states producer Karen Vaksdal Madsen at Good Morning.

Case film

By JCP Ignite: