31 Jul 2015

Trail Memories for DNT


— The site collects memories from trails and pathways in Norway. Upload or use Instagram to add your own experience. Browse by category or location to find your next trail to explore.

In the spring of 2015 we were approached by Geelmuyden Kiese to create a site on behalf of their client DNT, a nonprofit organization, closing in on their 150th year anniversary. Over the next four years they’ll be running a series of campaigns to highlight different aspects of our beautiful nature. This year we are celebrating the emotional connection to the pathways and trails we walk or create as we go.

The brief for this years campaign was to create an easy to use, low threshold site where the user could upload an image or a video, add some basic information such as name, phone and category, and finally place the image on a map to show where it was taken. Furthermore, the user should be able to explore the contributions of other people by browsing the site.

We knew that people love to share and view photos and videos online. However, we also knew that there are many other sites and applications that are vying for the user’s attention, so the site we built had to do two things really well.

1. Let the user upload their images and videos
2. Give the user a visually appealing experience that encourages them to engage with the site and browse other people’s memories.

As with every job, we approached the brief from the perspective of the target users and asked ‘Why’.

After finalising the research and insight phase, we drew wireframes and handed it over to our designer, who then collaborated closely with the developer in order to create the final site.

The user is met with a fullscreen video snippet from various locations showing Norwegian nature. From the splash screen you can access the upload feature, the map or read about the campaign.

In order to maximize the full-screen experience, we chose to hide the navigation and features with access through icons.

We wanted to have a clear call to action, and therefore added a second option for upload in the center of the splash in addition to the upper left menu icon.

Knowing that 97% of the user’s online will scroll if presented with a splash screen, we felt comfortable using smaller signage to encourage the user to scroll. When scrolling down, the users was presented with a feed of all the latest submissions , at which point the filter options became visible at the top. An individual submission could easily be clicked, viewed, ‘liked’ and shared from the feed.

Once the map was opened the user could view all the submissions placed on the map. A great API from Mapbox allowed us to skin the map in a way that gave a subtle feeling of looking through the clouds. We also implemented clustering in order for our users to get a better overview.

It is a lot of fun to see all the great memories people share and how many people love the Norwegian trails and pathways.