9 Feb 2018

The Trojan Beers


— Our most untraditional job advert, yet

To get hold of the most talented people is hard for all creative companies. Especially because the people we want to hire are more than happy with the job they already have.

When Good Morning wanted to get a hold of the most talented developers, digital marketers and producers, we had to go under the radar.

Right before christmas we sent out a crate with specially designed beer as a nice Christmas present to several competing agencies. But the present was in fact a trojan horse, because after 24 hours in the refrigerator, temperature activated ink made the label change into a job advert.

– The best thing about this stunt is the reaction we got, says CEO of Good Morning Eirik Fjellaksel. The first weeks after Christmas, the number of visitors on jobs.goodmorning.no increased with 900%, and we received over 50 job applications. Now we already have two signed contracts.

Long story short, this is a fantastic evidence of how creativity is effectful.