27 Oct 2017

Aksel Lund Svindal is a launching sustainable fashion brand


— The most important thing for Aksel, is that the concept is for a cause greater than himself, and more meaningful than just selling products with his name on it.

In partnership with Panorama Design, the alpine ski racer Aksel Lund Svindal is launching the new and sustainable fashion brand “Greater Than A”.

Both the name and concept of the new Norwegian fashion brand is developed by Panorama design. Not only have they created the brand platform and graphic profile, but also the overall business concept.

– Already in the first meeting with Aksel we landed both the name and concept. The meeting went incredibly well, so we decided to establish a company together, said Morten Fornebo from Panorama Design.

– The most important thing for Aksel is that the concept is for a greater cause, and that it stands for something more meaningful than just selling products with his name on it.

In addition to Panorama Design and Aksel Lund Svindal, the former chief designer at J. Lindeberg, Jessy Heuvelink, and several other people with many years of experience from the Norwegian fashion industry is part of the Greater Than A team.

– And despite what you might think, we are not making skiing clothes, said Jens Petter Ring from Panorama Design.

– We want to prove that it’s possible to make garnments that both look good and are functional at the same time, without harming nature. Therefore we’re going to question every part of the supply chain, and in the end make the best possible products that we can. Both design and quality will contribute to a longer life for the garnments. The end goal is that one day when the clothes are all worn out, the whole collection can be recycled or be composted.

Greater Than A has cooperated closely with Good Morning when developing the communication and launching strategy. Even though the first spring/summer 18 collection will be launched on January 30th, you can already follow Greater Than A on social media.

The pre launch film below is developed by Good Morning, in cooperation with Filip Christensen from Field Productions, who has followed Aksel closely over time with his camera.

This article was first published in Norwegian, by Kreativt forum.