9 Jun 2017

Save Tropical House (and the rain forest)


— We need to save the rainforest, because without the rainforest there can be no tropical house! And what would our DJs do then?

Gambit Hill + Knowlton came to us with a great concept. Tropical House had to save the rainforest. Because without the rainforest there could be no tropical house.


The comical duo Henrik Thodesen and Odd-Magnus Williamson posing as the DJ duo R.E.D.D. set out to save their livelihoods (and the rainforest). With this mobile-first experience,  you can compose your own tune at the drop and submit it in a competition where the winner gets their version mixed into the actual song, and released publicly.

The millennial legacy

Saving the rainforest seems to have become an inheritance passed from generation to generation. And now it has passed to the millennials. Let’s hope that this is the generation who puts an end to this senseless waste. In terms of the idea, Tropical House is Norway’s biggest musical export these days, with superstars like Kygo and Matoma leading the way. This campaign is betting that the soundtrack du jour is the way to connect with and engage this audience.


Seeing is believing

From a production point of view, this was a fairly massive undertaking and cost our most senior developer and producer more than a few sleepless nights (literally). The main technical challenge was getting it to work seamlessly on mobile. There were a lot of video and sound assets that needed to be synchronized and play accurately on the mobile. All these details matter.

As with so much of our work, it really needs to be seen in order to appreciate the complexity of it. Meanwhile, you can enjoy some of the screenshots below.

Campaign in Norwegian
Campaign in English

Save Tropical House Screenshot

Mix your own sounds into the track, and play mini games to unlock new sounds. Submit your track to take part in the competition.


Save Tropical House screenshot word quiz

Play topical mini games to unlock sounds for your track.