21 Mar 2018

Renewal of Greenbird


— Greenbird's new profile, logo and website

Greenbird Integration Technology is a software integration company challenging the way utilities approach the smart energy revolution. The Norwegian company offers expert services within strategic technology advisory, enterprise architecture, solution design and integration development.

After a recommendation, they came to us to get a brand new website and profile.

Making it simple 

Our insight was that Greenbird’s competitors look and sound very technical, and communicate in a way that makes things complicated and hard to understand. The result of this could be that the decision makers give up in the buying process.

Greenbird has technology that drastically simplifies complicated processes, and we wanted this to reflect the new logo, profile and on the website. Our goal became to ensure that all CEO’s and CFO’s would understand Greenbird’s communication.

To accomplish this we have worked a lot with the language used, as well as the visuals. We wanted to distance ourselves from the tech-savvy language used by the competitors, and rather use a more concise language that is easier to understand.

Now, Greenbird’s services and the website is much more available and understandable, which the new profile and logo compliments.

“We are thrilled about our new website launch. The new site simplifies access to information for customers, investors, partners and media to better understand Greenbird’s unique approach to systems integration. We believe that this will allow our visitors to have a informative experience as we continue to grow and increase our market presence.”

– Thorsten Heller, CEO and Co-Founder in Greenbird Integration Technology

The new website offers valuable insights that help utilities on their digital journey, as well as updated information on news and press releases, client testimonials, career opportunities and inspiring blog posts. It has a clean uncluttered design and is focused on Greenbird’s mission to help utilities accelerate the energy revolution, to start innovation faster.


The Design

With the name Greenbird, it was natural to keep both the green color as well as the bird as a symbol. We chose to go for a more innovative, simple and welcoming expression, compared to the previous logo and profile.

Greenbird now has a modern, timeless logo that represents their role as a simplifier. The symbol is put together of geometrical figures and lines, which makes it easier to develop new icons and elements in the future, based on the same principles.  The new color palette is a continuation of the color from the previous profile, and is based on natural colors and makes every color used appear organic and somewhat toned down. The balance between the name and the softer shape of the symbol creates a friendlier and more balanced expression.

Visit the new website here.