10 Aug 2015

Rebranding Grundig to a premium brand


— Over the last year, Good Morning has worked closely with Grundig to innovate and rebrand their digital strategy on the Nordic market. Not only have we helped them to design and produce their new website, we have also helped them with campaigns, content marketing and social media.

Grundig is a global full range manufacturer of White Goods, Personal Care Products and Home Electronics. The company has a long history and was founded in Germany in 1930. In 2009, Grundig was bought by Turkish investors, and as a part of this takeover the new investors wanted to renew the company brand. Last year they contacted Good Morning and several other Scandinavian digital agencies in order to find an a qualified partner that would help them to remake their website, create content and manage their social media accounts in the Nordic region. After a pitch process, Grundig decide to choose Good Morning as their preferred digital partner, and we have since worked closely with them on digital platforms.

A breath of fresh air
When producing Grundig’s new Nordic website, it was important for the client that the site would convey a premium brand look and feel. The UX and UI design process for the website included multiple prototypes and target group testing. The overall look ended up being very much where the brand wanted to be, much in line with the «Grundig spirit».

– The last couple of projects have been short term interactive campaigns, so it was a breath of fresh air working with a brand sites again. And I must say, I really enjoy working with premium brands. They bring out the best of me, says Good Morning’s Design Director, Jørgen Winsnes.

Content is still king
Grundig didn’t just want to make another pretty website. For them it was important to communicate digitally with relevant content, both on the website and in Social Media. Therefor a lot of our work lie in creating relevant and interesting content on their website and social media channels. The content related to healthy living and how the Grundig products and lifestyle can fit into people’s life. Grundig is also the main sponsor of the Norwegian Handball league, which has contributed to bring across the message of Grundig as a healthy brand ambassador. This was an important part in our overall digital strategy to build a lasting relationship with Grundig and their client base.