31 May 2017

Playful website for HTU


— Getting people to familiarize themselves with legal contracts is an uphill battle, we made it a little easier.

This was a job we did for the infamously named “Husleietvisteutvalget”, which translates roughly to “The Association For Solving Conflicts Related to Tenants ” – You can see how they had a hard time communicating their value to the audience, who are basically anyone who is a tenant or a landlord.

Avoiding conflicts before they happen

In Norway, anyone who rents, or rents out have certain inalienable rights. These are statues of the “Contract”. However, as plainly as these are laid out, a lot of people still manage to get into fights. Good Morning accepted the challenge to shape the communication and present it in a compelling, understandable way, that made consuming the information more fun.

Unfortunately, renting out a house or an apartment often times leads to conflicts. Many of these could have been avoided if the parties involved were more familiar with the rules and regulationssays Petter Gulli, Creative Director. Our clients offer assistance to solve these issues, but are also working to prevent issues from arising in the first place .


Design as a tool

We took the key issues from the law, and divided them into segments that were then easily navigated and digested. We used illustrations and animations to make the content more approachable for the average user says Jørgen Winsnes, Design Director.

This is what the client had to say about it.

“With Good Morning we created the catalog ‘Husleielove – Helt enkelt‘. Good Morning has given our information a digital wrapping that makes it easy to navigate, with illustrations and animations that make it both fun and compelling. We hope and believe that that ‘Husleielove – Helt enkelt’ will help our users to easily find the answers they’re looking for. Many thanks to Good Morning for a great collaboration and a wonderful end result!”

Check out website here.

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