14 Sep 2015

NAF – Kampen om tiden


— Tired of being stuck in traffic? Using interactive films, we showed Norwegians how to save time and be more efficient in the daily commute.

At times, everyday life feels like a race against the clock. School, work, soccer training, dance lessons, homework, dinner and all the other stuff which involve modern family life can be a real hassle to overcome. Sadly, traffic is not exactly contributing to resolving the time issue, rather the opposite.

This was the backdrop for the communication in our campaign “Kampen om tiden” that we did together with Trigger and NAF (The Norwegian Automobile Foundation). We wanted to create a site that showed the all too familiar situations we face every day and how traffic is directly connected to these issues. In the interactive films the Norwegian scientist and TV star, Andreas Wahl, appears to show us how we can avoid traffic jams and traffic-related stress through thinking smarter.

Andreas Wahl, known from Folkeopplysningen, plays the lead role in this interactive film.

Good Morning teamed up with Bacon when it came to shooting the film, and they were as always, an amazing partner to spar with and had many wise creative inputs during the process.

Filming at the set of Kampen om tiden, Race Against timeBacon Production at the film set

We believe that the use of immersive interactive films was crucial in achieving the right feeling and engagement from the audience. In order to emphasize a familiar environment, we invited the user into the family’s kitchen to see how their everyday life turned out. It was important to create a scene that people could relate to.

Kampen om tiden, the race against time, props, behind the scenes, shooting, film making, video, interactive video
Unusual prop.

The films also used a fun, creative technique: We froze time several times, but actually it did not freeze at all. We made the actors stay as still as they possibly could, creating a funny illusion of suspended time.

Kampen om tiden, the race against time, frozen, digital, agency, NAF, video, interactive films“Freezing” time proved to be an useful effect