6 Nov 2015

My Law for Plan Norge


— Every single second more 4 girls get abused both at school and on their way there. The number is absolutely shocking. Due to this problem many girls drop out of school or do not get permission to go to school at all.

Girls education is the main focus for Plan Norway, so in August 2015 they wanted to engage people worldwide to take a stand against this cruelty and demand that world leaders do the same.

Together with Trigger we build the campaign, My Law. The aim was to encourage people to take a stand against violence towards girls and show a unity across borders for the cause. The campaign run from 20th of September to the 10th of October and during this time period over 64 600 adopted the law using the site. The campaign was rolled out by using influencers, stunts and editorial pieces.

Influencers join in

The campaign quickly got attention from media, especially when Ashton Kutcher shared with his followers on Facebook.

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The Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg, also spoke warmly about the project and encouraged people to adopt My Law.

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Important cause

– My law was an exciting project to work with since it revolves around such an important cause. Violations against girls in schools is never, under no circumstance, ok. Therefore it was great to see that so many cared about the campaign and spread the message across social media, tells the producer from Good Morning, Linn Cathrine Håland Nilsen.

Testimonial from Trigger

– Good Morning delivered a technical solid solution that exceeded the original brief. Throughout the process, they contributed with several good ideas that enhanced the experience of the website and the shareability to social media. We are very pleased with the work and are really looking forward to working with Good Morning again, says Thomas Barrie at Trigger.