20 Nov 2015

McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse


— Find a Bacon Clubhouse in a Bacon Clubhouse and win a Bacon Clubhouse


No one seeks out a website to see ads. Which is why it’s so important to use design and technology to create an engaging experience that delights the user and makes them want to spend time with the brand.


We were approached by DDB to create a digital solution to the concept “Find a Bacon Clubhouse in a Bacon Clubhouse, and win a Bacon Clubhouse”. The idea that was presented to us was very simple: You can win a coupon for a free Bacon Clubhouse if you can find a mini burger hidden inside the image of the large burger.

Through our Good Morning process and in close collaboration with the client, we re-shaped the idea to something we felt would really engage and excite the user. By creating a three dimensional, mini burger universe the user could search the stars for a burger while we fed them nuggets of information about this new burger.


The solution became an interactive pixel cloud at www.baconclubhouse.no  where you had to navigate and find a mini burger in a pixel universe. If you found said mini burger you would be able to type in your phone number and receive an SMS with a redeemable code for a Bacon Clubhouse.

Screenshot from McDonald's siteScreenshot of McDonald's site

The site has a strong focus on design, user experience and raw coding skills; all of which are becoming increasingly important in today’s demanding media landscape. As consumers, we are constantly being hit by torrents of ads and voices in every channel. This, in turn, makes us less susceptible to ads altogether. The threshold for ignoring what isn’t relevant to you or just not engaging is low indeed. This makes it all the more important to use the tools available to us from design and technology to create experiences that delights and engages the user.


The campaign site had more than 200.000 visitors with a total of more than 600.000 page views. These were very good numbers in and of themselves, but the real kicker came when we realized that every user spent an average of 14 minutes on the page looking for the burger.

Mobile screens

When we create bespoke solutions like this, that deviate from the norm, the cost is sometimes a drop in engagement due to increased complexity or load times. We had this in mind when we created the site and were happy to find that only 6% of the users left the site without engagement of some kind.

The site won gold under the Craft segment of Gullblyanten 2016