28 Nov 2015

McDonald’s Big App 2.0


— McDonald's Norway launches Big App Challenge 2.0. This time you can sacrifice your Big Mac coupon to try to win the brand new Grand Big Mac.

Big App 2.0 is out with brand new and improved design. Now users can also risk their Big Mac coupon in order to try to win the McDonald’s new burger: Grand Big Mac.

The app uses a facial recognition algorithm to scan the users’ face and mouth. To get a free Big Mac coupon, they have to hold their mouth wide open for at least 45 seconds. If they crave the Grand Big Mac, they can choose to sacrifice the coupon in order to try to win a coupon for a Grand Big Mac. But it is not easy – they will have to gape for a total of five minutes.

The campaign uses television and radio spots, as well as the mobile application to bring out the message: If your body craves a Big Mac, give it a Big Mac.

The Big App 2.0 climbed to the top of the App Store within just a day of its launch. The goal of distributing 20,000 Big Mac’s was reached within only 33 hours! Good Morning was responsible for producing and designing the app for iOS and Android.