11 Feb 2011

Litago Ski-VM

- Flash, Multiplayer game


— For 6 weeks we worked day and night to complete this massive multiplayer game and a mobile app. It turned out to be a huge success.

Litago is a series of different flavoured milk based drinks and produced by TINE. This manufacturer is the largest Norwegian dairy product cooperation and consists of around 15,850 farmers and 5,734 employees. It has a market position that is close to a state of monopoly considering sales of dairy products in Norway,

The Litago brand was started in 1994 and the first two flavours were Chocolate and Strawberry. The Litago family has since then grown to a multitude of different flavours. The Litago as a product focus most of its marketing online and especially through social media.

In 2010, when Oslo hosted the world cup in cross country skiing, Litago was one of its major sponsors. In relation to the event, Litago wanted the development of a cross country skiing game for the web.

Good Morning designed and developed the campaign site. The site was fully developed in Flash using Red5 Media Server for Multiplayer gaming.