11 Sep 2011

Litago Rodeo Live

- Mobile Application, Installation


— The worlds first smartphone controlled mechanical bull.

Litago is the brand name for Norway’s most popular series of flavoured milk and milkshake products. The brand Litago is connected to the Litago Cow logo that is used on and common to every product. In this specific campaign we chose draw the attention of the consumers towards the product logo. Our minds set on the Litago cow and by giving the consumer an opportunity to control it in a rodeo ride.

To increase sales and attention around different campus sites and cafeterias we produced our own customized and designed mechanical rodeo bull. When it was finalized it looked like a true copy of the Litago cow logo. During the production period of the mechanical cow we developed an IPhone application that uses the phone’s accelerometer in order to remotely control it.

The mechanical Litago rodeo cow was then transported around Norway and placed in different school campuses during the summer period of 2011. Students had the opportunity of challenging one another. Anyone that held on for more than 20 seconds, or to any person thrown off due to remote control of the beast was awarded a Litago Milkshake. All rides were filmed and posted on YouTube. Both participants received the YouTube link directly in their application. The campaign was a big success and attracted lots of media attention in Norway.  This was the first smartphone remotely controlled Mechanical Bull ever built worldwide.

Good Morning designed and developed the iPhone Application that was available at that given time for downloading at the App Store. We also developed a campaign site to promote the app, as well as coordinate the production and delivery of the mechanical cow.

The campaign was a big success and attracted a lot media attention in Norway and worldwide, as this was the first smartphone controlled mechanical bull ever built. It received an FWA mobile award on January 3rd, 2012.