11 Sep 2011

Litago Ku-tur

- Design, HTML


— Litago Ku-tur is a social experiment, where we let the Litago Facebook fans play hide and seek with the Litago Cow.

Litago is the brand name for Norway’s most popular series of flavoured milk and milkshake products. In 2011, Litago wanted to introduce a new flavour to their line of products. Having one of Norway’s most popular Facebook pages and some of the most devoted followers, Litago wanted to take advantage of the situation and let the consumers decide upon the new flavour.

We started the campaign by placing a question symbol underneath a carton of Litago; combined with the question “What kind of flavour would you like?” We received thousands of different suggestions. A list of these compiled suggestions or flavours was then presented on Litago’s Facebook page, giving the consumers the opportunity to vote on their personal favourites. At a time when all votes were collected, 5 different flavours were picked out for a final selection.

During the final selection, we produced 500 plastic cows representing the 5 shortlisted flavours. A hundred cows for each flavour. We created a campaign site where the first five- hundred persons to register, was presented with a plastic cow by “snail” mail. Their task was to hide the plastic cows physically at random locations in Norway. Each hidden cow had its location registered and could be located on a map on the campaign site.

We also created an IPhone App that anyone could download, and that was fairly able to track down each cow. The IPhone App had a digital compass and once it was within a range of 500 meters of the hidden cow it would point the compass needle towards the hidden location. The Application also made it possible to call the cow, by pressing button to hear the cow moo. The louder the sound was the closer to the cow. Once a person found a cow, they had 24 hours to hide it somewhere and register its position on the campaign site map. It was possible to add hints and pictures of the cow, giving clues to its exact location. At each time a cow changed location, we calculated the distance it had travelled and how many regions it had visited. The longer its journey was the more points it was given. The cow which had collected most points within the campaign period won, and chosen as the new Litago flavour. The individuals that participated in finding and hiding the winning cow got their picture put on the new Litago carton.