13 Sep 2016

Kygo Life Television Commercial for XXL


— Bring music to life. From Kygo Life brand universe - to XXL´s sports universe.

For a high end brand, cooperation with retailers can be a frightening experience. Keeping the brands attitude, tone of voice and design guidelines can be a tough as the language in the retail category might be totally different from your own. On the other hand, working with brand with strict guidelines can be a nightmare for retailers. Just ask anyone who’s been working with Apple.

When Kygo Life and XXL joined forces to market wireless earphones for nationwide, this issue was taken very seriously.

– Kygo Life is a totally new brand, and as brand guardians it was really important for us to stay in control over the whole creative process, says Creative Director Markus Lind. At the same time we realized that to boost sales we had to find a way to integrate XXL into the TVC, instead of just plaster their logo over a brand film from Kygo Life.

The solution was to make a film that starts in the brand universe of Kygo Life, but seamlessly changes to the sports univers of XXL.

– We have to give the good people of XXL and Kygo Life credit, they’ve been wonderful to work with”, says Lise Dragland. – For Kyrre, quality has been both the alpha and the omega in this endeavor.

– We are really pleased with this film. It shows that XXL can help build brands, and that with the right partners the collaboration can assume new dimensions. Kygo Life and Good Morning have demonstrated this. We are so proud to be selling Kygo products in all our channels – and they really are amazing products.” says, Kine Bergseth, Marketing Director in XXL