18 May 2016

Jewel For A Refugee


— Turning a spiteful debate into heartwarming actions

The Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) are experts on the subject of refugees and wanted to address their concern regarding the Norwegian government’s alarmingly harsh proposal for a new law. The so called “Jewlery law”, first introduced in Denmark, was a law that would enable the government to seize jewelry and valuables from refugees trying to cross the border.

Needless to say NOAS did not agree with this proposal, but was having a hard time getting noticed in the media. Our brief from NOAS was quite simply to get their message across and make their voice heard when asking the Norwegian people to fight this proposed law.

The idea – turning the jewelry law upside down

With the campaign #ajewelforarefugee, NOAS encouraged Norwegians to donate their own, personal jewelry to show their support for the refugees. By using social media they could post photos of the piece of jewelry they wanted to donate, tell the story behind it and why they now wanted to donate it.

Norwegian celebrities join forces

Together with PR-agency Something Good, we worked with Norwegian celebrities who kindly gave away their own personal jewelry, in order to grab the attention of the national press. The celebrities encouraged people to follow their example and by doing so, also taking a stand against the proposed legislation.

We launched the film featuring the celebrities on Facebook and then encouraged our ambassadors to share it – getting as much organic reach in social media as possible.

While the famous politicians, comedians, actors and musicians who donated jewelry got massive press coverage, we also discovered some Norwegian everyday heroes. Ordinary people who followed up and shared their stories on our own platforms and with the media. Even bishops and mayors, realizing the importance of the cause, wanted to contribute by donating some of their dearest possessions.

Since we wanted to reach the general population, spokespeople from different communities were crucial for the campaign to get noticed.

Media management

We worked closely with the media and gave them new angles so we could spread the campaign as widely as possible. When the case exploded on social media, it became a story in itself. And when new important people donated their jewelry, we provided the media with multiple stories and angles. By doing so, NOAS made it onto live broadcasts, TV debates and got covered in all the country’s newspapers columns. The extensive attention was the result of systematic media management.


The small and previously unknown organization NOAS, got positioned as an expert on this topic throughout the national media outlets. The heated debate became more human as people related to the subject on a personal level. Not only did #ajewelforarefugee lead to increased attention around the proposed laws, but also to heartwarming protests from people. The campaign raised three times as much money as the entire 2015.

Without any media spending, results show that over 450 000 watched the video on NOAS’ own platforms. That amounts to 8,6% of the Norwegian population. Including the massive media coverage, NOAS reached over 30 percent of the Norwegian population.

Testimonial from NOAS

– We find Good Morning to be creative, available and a solid partner, says Camilla Risan, advisor in NOAS.

Case film