16 Apr 2017

The Fire Game


— We were tasked by Anorak to develop The Fire Game; a game that turns a very serious topic, into a fun game. The Fire Game is a digital fire drill aimed at the whole family, that's tailored for mobile and tablet.

Through eight different steps it teaches both adults and children what to do in case of a fire at home. The exercises are easy to use, the only thing you need is to do is to gather your family and make use of either a mobile or tablet, and press “Start”! If you want a more realistic fire drill, you can set a random time. Without warning, you’ll be called to start the exercise.


Learning through play

All eight steps in the solution offers useful tips, mnemonics, fun sounds and animations. Together they are presented this in a format that can be used by adults and children, there is no age limit to participate.





2 x Gold and 2 x Bronze in Gulltaggen 2017
Gold in “Mobile” at Gullblyanten 2017
Gold in “Finance and Insurance” at Max Marketing Mix 2017

To showcase the concept outside of Norway we made an English as well as a Norwegian site.