10 Jun 2015

Gruffify for Ali Kaffe


— Create your own "Ali Kaffe song" using Gruffify, the online music mixer

Naug & Venner asked for help to concretize their creative concept for ALI Kaffe. Along with Naug & Friends and Krypton we produced an online music mixer tool, called Gruffify, where people can sing and mix their own versions of the song “ALI Kaffe kurerer gruff».

This is a continuation of the ALI coffee radio concept, that was based on playing different versions and genres of the theme song «Ali Kaffe Kurerer gruff.» With this online mixer board, we wanted to engage users and let them make the next song that would be played on the radio. To include everyone, even people with no prior experience in creating music, it was important to make the tool easy to use.

All sound effects are in the same key and tempo and follow the same chord. With genres like techno, country, ballads, hiphop, tyroler polka, reggae and 80’s the users was offered a wide variety of options.

The first time the users entered the site, a simple introduction was presented, showing how the tool worked, and how users could play around with genres, instruments and vocals. During the music production process the user could always click to preview the band playing the song that they were currently working on.

If the user was of a little braver type, it was also possible to use their own voice by recording it in the computer’s microphone. Subtitles helped the user to get a good result.

After the user was satisfied with the song, he or she could choose from 150 different band names, and with customized colors on the cover and band name.

The competition was first launched on radio together with Bjarne Brøndbo, Admiral P and Ole Paus, all of which have made their versions. Then continued via Facebook and banners at VG.no. After two weeks of operation we had received over 500 unique ALI Coffee songs.

We think it’s fun to see users’ creativity and enthusiasm, and it really gives us joy to see how a whole school band choose to create their own Ali Coffee song. The contest was completed on July 1st, 2015.

RecognitionJørgen (designer), Linn Cathrine (producer) and Thomas (developer) posing with Awwward diploma. Walle (animation) , Johan (developer), Markus (creative) and Karen (producer) were also involved in the project.