26 Aug 2016

Good Morning helped launch Kygo Life


— The 17th of August, Kygo launched his Kygo Life collection, featuring a line of clothes and audio products.

The musician received a warm welcome from both fans and critics alike. Good Morning is lead as both digital agency as well as advertising agency.

Visit Kygo Life brand site here.

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Brand launch with fashion show and Kygo playing the piano. All streamed live on Facebook. Photo by Johannes Lovund.

Kyrre Gørvell-Dall is a perfectionist when it comes to his work, this goes for both music as well as design. This core value has been a guiding principle for the creative work in developing the Kygo Life brand.

Focus on craftmanship

– Kyrre has a very particular drive to his work and wishes to promote this in all aspects of his doing. Perhaps the most obvious example of this is his brand film where he talks about his values and his own history. To give the brand movie it’s own special twist, we chose to add a level of interactivity to the digital storytelling. A small twist that we felt enhanced the storytelling in a way that was consistent with the storyline. We were quite pleased with the results, but more importantly, Kyrre was really happy about it, says Eirik Fjellaksel, CEO of Good Morning.

The brand movie was made in collaboration with Fred Johnny and the Trondheim-based film production team, TYD.


In the interactive version of the brand film, you can toggle between two stories. It works well on both desktop and touch devices.

Experience the interactive film here. Or watch the regular film below:

Kyrre is a guy that likes to be very hands-on, and as the Creative Director for Kygo Life he had a lot of ideas and opinions that helped us shape and tune the final result. Together we found a suitable approach for the social media strategy, with teasers to start establishing the brand before the actual launch.

Kygo Life Good Morning

Early in the process. Photo by Olav Stubberud.

Full house

Good Morning and Panorama Design has worked closely from the start. Good Morning has been responsible for the communication platform, strategy, social media, the creative concept as well as developing the webshop that serves all of Europe. Panorama Design has developed the brand platform, visual identity, product design, packaging and retail.

Kygo Life Good Morning

From our first meeting with Kygo, in november 2015. Photo by Olav Stubberud

-Being co-located with Panorama Design was very beneficial in the weeks leading up to the launch and provided us with an agile and fluid workflow. Thus making all of our lives a lot easier, not to mention more productive, says Eirik Fjellaksel.

Kygo Life handpicked only Norwegian agencies for the launch. Trigger has been responsible for the PR of the launch and JCP Event were responsible for the launch party.

This is just the beginning

-It has been a real pleasure working with Good Morning on the launch of Kygo Life. It’s good to know that they have control of the whole process and are really passionate about what they do. We can already see some great results and I can’t wait to continue working with them do make Kygo Life even bigger, says Aurora Ellingsen in Kygo Life.


Go fetch some items from the webshop :)


Social is a big part of Kygo Life, now available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.