11 Aug 2016

Football Live Center for NTB


— The Live Centre of the future, for all those soccer fans out there!

Last summer NTB inherited a 10 year old ‘live center’ from Norwegian media gigant, Amedia. The technology was, by and large outdated and NTB felt it was time to give it a new look and feel that was both modern, user friendly and relevant. Today, more than 60 of Amedia’s news outles are using the new live center, including Nettavisen.



The live center is composed of several modules with different features and different content. The most popular modules are the match calendar, tables, match summary and the timeline. With lots of modules ‘talking’ to one another it was really important to make sure the content was presented with maximum emphasis on readability and usability, while keeping it visually appealing and engaging. The result was a responsive, seamless, “mobile first” solution.

The Live Center lets you follow your favorite leagues and games. This makes it possible to be notified only of the games you’re actually following. Through other modules you can get statistics, schedules and facts about your favorite players or clubs.

The timeline shows the most important events in a given game. Also, games where NTB are doing live coverage, are marked as such. NTBs journalists do a continuous reporting throughout the game which helps to give an in-depth picture of the game events.



The design is made with the idea that Amedia could use it for all their media outlets and let them put their own identity on it. The main colors are black and white which makes it both elegant and timeless, yet holds a lot of opportunity for creating variations. The design is optimized for legibility and a lot of effort was spent on little details that promote important events.
Having a mobile first approach helped a lot since there were a lot of information to pack into a very small space.

-Jørgen Winsnes, Director of design


New Technology

It’s been a really interesting project to work on from a technical perspective. We’ve had the opportunity to work with REACT and Reflux. Considering this is a service I use myself, it’s been a lot of fun seeing all the people who use our Live Center. Fluid communication was essential to our success and I was happy to see how well it worked out. Apparently, soccer and coding go hand in hand.

-Petter Ruud, Developer

Working on a project like this

The Live Center was an 8 month project for us. During that time we worked close with the client to create a product with a long lifespan. It’s been a different type of project for us compared to what we would usually do, which is really valuable in terms of experience. It’s a lot of fun seeing how much traffic our site is generating, especially over the weekends. On average there are 40.000 unique users any given weekend, which is pretty awesome.

-Linn Cathrine Håland Nilsen, Producer

Visit live centre here.