15 Dec 2015

DNB Lærepenger


— Teaching Norwegian children the value of money

Norway is one of the richest and best countries to live in in the world. As our wealth has increased, our knowledge about personal finance has decreased and the subject is not on the curriculum. Together with Trigger, Good Morning produced a campaign for DNB, Norway’s largest bank, that aimed to let school children learn the value of money. The campaign ensured DNB the best reputation score in the bank’s history!

Learning through playfulness

To test children’s knowledge about economics and what things actually cost, we created an interactive quiz that address various topics around savings and the use of money.

Using animations, sounds and playfulness, we created a quiz that was fun and engaging for children in the fifth grade. To add variation to the quiz there were four different ways the kids could submit their answer. By using either a slider, drag-and-drop, pick or draw when finding the correct answers, the user experience became more dynamic and more fun for the kids.

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In order to create a game show feeling, the total score was measured up against total time and total number of errors. The leaderboard was then listed by highest total score. The quiz was used on several big events, such as the Norway Cup, Miniøya and DNB’s internal event with great success. The general feedback from the kids is that they thought the quiz was fun, but at times a little difficult. The children also felt that they learned something new, while some things they already knew from before.

Do you want to test your own knowledge about economy, and see if you’re smarter than a fifth grader? Take the test here.

“De fem Lærepengene”

In addition to the quiz, we produced an informative website. The site explained the “De fem Lærepengene” concept, how it can be used as a learning tool and who it is for. The tool itself consists of five modules consisting of many different tasks, all related to economy and savings, adapted for fifth graders.

Lærepenger, dnb, good morning, reklamebyrå

Rewarding on a personal level

– Working together with Trigger and DNB on the ‘Lærepengene’ project was really exciting and fun. There are now over 370 schools in Norway that have signed up and implemented ‘Lærepengene’ in their schools. Working on a project which is helping children to gain knowledge about personal finances and savings is very rewarding on a personal level, tells Good Morning producer Linn Cathrine Håland Nilsen.

Testimonial from Trigger

– The work on the ‘Lærepengene’ project is the most extensive that Trigger has done together with Good Morning. We involved Good Morning early in the process, and together we worked hard on making sure that our message would reach our target audience in the best possible way. Good Morning challenged us and our ideas, and led the project in an outstanding manner and we are very pleased with the result, says Bente Kvam Kristoffersen in Trigger.