14 Feb 2018

Designing Isabella Löwengrip’s New Blogplatform


— Isabella Löwengrip runs Scandinavia's biggest blog with 100.000 daily readers, and is one of the youngest, biggest influencers in the Nordic countries. With 1,5 million followers all over the world she's a famous blogger, as well as a successful entrepreneur.

The blog has always been Isabella’s most important channel. She has always worked towards empowering women, female entrepreneurship, and inspiring other women to follow their dreams. She also runs Sweden’s fastest growing beauty business, with 50 employees with a total turnover of 100 million SEK in the various companies in which she operates.

We have designed her new blog platform, done the front-end development and UX. We cooperated with Isabella’s team and United Influencers and quickly agreed that the new blog platform had to reflect Isabella as a businesswoman, as well as her being a mother.

After 12 years with the old look, I wanted to lift it to another level visually.

Our goal was to develop a new design and visual identity with an exclusive look, that also matched Isabella’s personality and signature look. With 100.000 daily blog readers, the design had to be appealing to the majority of her readers.

Along with all published blog posts, it was important that the sponsored content on the site also was presented in an elegant way. The platform had to load quickly and be optimized for mobile devices.

Experience the Isabella Löwengrips new blog platform here.

User Experience

As a diverse blogger and entrepreneur, Isabella creates content about her many different interests, such as interior, beauty, food & travel, and motherhood. Because her readers have varying reading habits and preferences, the blog now has a filter so the readers can choose content by categories they are most interested in. To make the categories more visual, we developed a series of icons, one for each category.

We chose a typography which is easy to read, and with large blogger friendly photos and films. The site is spacious and modern, which creates a pleasant reading experience. The header font is a modern serif, and the reading font is a modern grotesque which is easy to read.