2 Feb 2011

Build on Mars for AF Gruppen

- Design, Flash, Video


— A campaign where participants had the opportunity to win a journey into outer space!

In a 150 to 200 years humankind will probably establish one or several colonies on the planet Mars. How will we be able to solve this quest? When or where do we build, live, get energy and protect ourselves in this hostile environment?

AF Gruppen ASA is by many considered to be an innovative Norwegian contractor and industrial group with a large market share.

The competition “Join us in building on Mars!” invites creative engineers, students and others to contribute to the development of environmentally sustainable and future-oriented plans and technological solutions on the planet Mars.

AF’s vision is to clean up the past, and build for the future.  They are one of the largest co-operations in Norway considering building, construction, energy and environmental technology.  Being innovative is a key component to their chain of thought.

If we are going to find the best solution, we require the ability to think outside the frames of a box, outside a traditional mind set and be future-oriented. Even though it is long time until we can develop or build anything on Mars, our ability to be on top of our game on earth may spark or create a vision for future development on Mars.

Norway has a demand for dedicated engineers. As a fact only half as many engineers as the industry actually requires graduate this year. AF wants to play their part in increasing interest around the profession of engineering; however this seems to be an astronomical challenge.