16 Dec 2015

AVIS Sunday Rides


— A heartwarming project that led to 100 % increase in rentals.

Avis Harstad/ Narvik experienced a drop in rentals from the locals during the winter season and were open minded in terms of new creative solutions. As we got to know them better, we found the key insight we used to craft out the creative concept.

In the north of Norway shortness of daylight, also called polar nights, leads to people isolating themselves. Especially the elderly get depressed and lonely.

We combined it with the fact that often there are vacant cars during winter time, and came up with the concept “Sunday Rides” (Søndagturer).

The idea is simple: Bring someone in need of company with you for a ride on Sundays and get to borrow the car for free.

Or see the original viral film in Norwegian.

And it catched on. Locals in Narvik and Harstad embraced the service and shared the video. Without any media spending, more than 50 000 people watched the video. And bare in mind that those two cities only have approximately 42 000 inhabitants.

100%  increase in rental

The Sunday Rides quickly become extremely popular and Avis have fully booked cars every Sunday. CEO of Avis Harstad could not be more pleased:

– I’ve been called on the phone daily by local managers which have talked about the Sunday Rides service at work, in coffee shops and during lunch breaks – all wondering on how they contribute to the concept. It has resulted in free coffees, movie tickets, free entrances to the movies and exhibitions, dinners and what not more for the Sunday Drivers. It has all turned out to be one big heartwarming contribution where Avis is at the center of the attention.

Andreas Slettli, CEO of Avis Harstad

Avis Harstad experienced a 100% increase in privat rentals and report that they daily get positive feedback when customers drop by their store. The mayors of both Narvik and Harstad have signed up as Sunday Drivers and the Sunday Rides concept is now going national.

– Since the budget was low, we aimed at delivering a concept where we would’t have to pay for publicity. It is a project which the locals  have embraced and it proves that doing good really pays off for everyone involved, tells Creative Director at Good Morning, Markus Lind.

Going national

–The campaign has been run for the fourth time now and has spread to many Avis offices around Norway. At the annual summit for Avis CMO’s the Marketing Director of EMEA stated that Sunday Rides was an excellent example on how Avis should think campaigns in the future, tells Advisor at Good Morning, Eirik Fjellaksel.