We are Good Morning


Strategy - Creativity - Design - Technology

— Good Morning is a creative agency in Oslo. By combining good thinking, creativity and technology we will help brands grow into a more sustainable future.

Digital strategy

Digital strategy helps you choose the right digital tools to achieve your goals. We help you focus on how you to reach your target group, when to talk to them - and last but not least, what you are going to say to them.

Digital infrastructure

With all the new digital platforms and social media, it is easy to get lost. Where should you be present and what to discard? Do you a have a clear connection throughout the brand site, campaigns and social media. We help you find the suiting infrastructure.

Creative Campaigns

Some might say that campaigns do not work anymore. They are wrong. Creative campaigns increase the chance for getting your brand noticed and remembered, and not least, talked about and shared.

Website / E-commerce

Websites and shops have different rules than campaigns and we need to think long term. We have to consider SEO, content planning and use a CMS that is suited for your needs. We can help you with a clean and beautiful information site like Grundig, webshop like Bogart or perhaps a more creative output like Braastad Cognac.

Social / Content

With social media you got the pulse of your audience right at your very fingertips. We help you build your brand through dialog and engaging content, all created by our creatives and copywriters.

Performance Marketing

The launch is just the beginning, not the end. Create different core message to different target groups and use A/B testing to optimize imagery and text on your site and ads. Collect user data, analyze and adapt your content accordingly.

Apps (services)

Nike Fuel Band and Ruter app are two examples on digital services that provide real value for people. And it is very efficient for brand building. We can help you identify your possibilities and build your service.


Film has become more and more important to bring a story or a message to life. We can produce both short movies and full scale film productions. If you want videos with a real wow factor, we can create interactive videos where the story changes according to the user behaviour.

Graphic design

We pride ourselves in our visual work whether we are designing for digital platforms, logos, reports, brochures, visual profiles or other marketing assets - we put our heart in the finishing touch.


We believe in quality over quantity,
and awesomeness over lame marketing.