13 Mar 2017

Performance and creatives sits 6 meters apart. That is 6 too many!


Performance and creatives sits 6 meters apart. That is 6 too many!


— Why are performance and creatives on separate locations? They need to sit together.

Some of the most wonderful aspects of our business is the symbiotic relationship that exists between technology and creativity. These are entirely different areas of expertise, involving different types of people with different skills and mindsets. However, if we want to succeed with our digital marketing, it is of paramount importance that we are able to come together and merge into something that is greater than the sum of our parts.

So, what does this look like in the real world? The strategy is laid out, the concept is clear. What happens next? How do we make sure the right message, reaches the right people – at scale.

If we’re focused on the digital channels, the answer will most likely be Facebook and Google. But what does that mean in practice? Who actually does what?

We need people who create the content. Text, images and video. At Good Morning, the creative team handles this part. They have the creative edge, and are masters of visual and textual communication. They will occasionally seek backup from the designers, but still, content creation is squarely in the hands of the creatives.

But we also need someone who are skilled in performance. Someone who can identify and target the right audiences, set up the funnel, and serve them with the right message at the appropriate time. They will then apply their dark magic powers of optimization.

The problem is that, back in the real world, the creatives and the performance warlocks are not co-located. Most likely they’re not even in the same company. And if they are, chances are that they’re not sitting next to each other. At Good Morning they’re sitting 6 meters apart from each other. And we think that’s 6 too many.

The key is to break down those barriers and enable them to communicate fluently and effortlessly with each other. We want them side by side, brothers in arms, batting ideas and discussing approaches. Create new content, publish it, measure it – and either amp it up, modify it, or throw it away. Rinse and repeat.

If you are unable to create that kind natural flow, then the whole process becomes sluggish and slow. And will most likely cause the performance people to start making their own ads. Finding their own images, or just designing something themselves, adding their own copy. And who can blame them? Who has time to wait for a meeting with some creative somewhere, who is booked until next Tuesday.

However, the results will almost always suffer, because the content will most likely lack the Oomph it sorely needs to prevail in today’s cut-throat content climate. Ultimately, this is at the expense of the client. Because no matter how much of an expert we’d all like to be, nobody can be best at everything.

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