8 Dec 2016

Get to know Petter Gulli


Get to know Petter Gulli


— 5 quick questions to our creative director, Petter Gulli.

Good Morning is a great mashup of techy, creative and strategic people. In order for you to get to know us better, we had a chat with one of the newest faces at the office: Petter.


Full name: Ole Petter Gulli

Works as: Creative Director, Creative Strategist, Copywriter

Age: 51, but don’t tell anyone

Lives at: Vinderen, Oslo

1: Name one work that inspires you?

Pantelotteriet (The Bottle Recycling Lottery). An invention made by Red Cross when the government banned one armed bandits and other games that were a big part of their fundraising.

2: Have a look in the crystal ball and name the most important trend we’ll be seeing more of in 2017?

The most important trend in years to come will not be the digitalization of everything, but how we as marketers cope with sustainability, the green shift and the fact that people in the western world will have to decrease, not increase their consumption.

3: What news do you read in the morning to stay up to date?

NRK, Aftenposten, The Guardian, Facebook, and after Trumpgate I still read a substantial amount of American news as well.

4: App based campaigns: Nay or yay?

Definitely maybe. I don’t see the problem with people having too many apps on their phones. If you make a campaign app that’s interesting enough people will download it, play with it, and delete it when they’re finished. How hard it that? On the other hand, I might totally have missed your question.

5: What drives you to get up and get to work in the morning?

These days, the enormous response I got after addressing the lack of focus on climate change and sustainability in our industry. And the belief that we through digital tools and platforms can make a tremendous change for people, organizations, and businesses.


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