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Production Planning

We develop a detailed production plan based on the client's brief. New content is evaluated along with any old content. We work closely with our clients to develop the strategy for each project. We also work with briefs from co-operating agencies, including finished sketches and concept arts.

  • Define the project goals
  • Create a production plan and list all functions
  • Create an overview of new and old content
  • Decide which platforms the project should be optimized for
  • Create a schedule with milestone dates

Interaction Design / Wireframes

At this stage we develop the wireframes and structure the project. To maintain an optimal user experience (UX), all scenarios and pages are outlined to provide a realistic overview of the content. Content and features are sorted and structured. When wireframes are fully developed, the client will have a detailed understanding of how the solution will be built.

  • Structure all features and content in wireframes
  • Present client with early drafts
  • Adjust wireframes for feedback
  • Sketch the look & feel of the solution


Prototyping is the coding and development of the wireframes, allowing users to click through the whole solution. This work is crucial to detecting any interaction faults, which will then be adjusted. During this phase, our developers and designers work together to achieve project goals.

  • Development based on wireframes
  • Navigation Testing
  • Adjustment of any issues


Finally, it's time for the design. When collaborating with other agencies, we develop and design from their existing mood boards and design manuals. In all cases, we work closely with our clients to ensure they are pleased with the design. During this phase our designers use the wireframes and prototype as the basis for their design. We now determine the colors, imagery, icons, and fonts which bring the project to life.

  • Designing the framework, front page and main elements
  • Presentation to and feedback from client
  • Revisions based on client feedback
  • Full design solution based on feedback and revisions

Development and implementation

Once the design is completed, it will be implemented in the front-end. Here we put a lot of hard work into the animations and visual effects that make the project shine. For responsive HTML sites, we make sure that the design works flawlessly on different devices and browsers.

  • Programming
  • Private release visible only to the client
  • Revisions and adjustments


Even though the site has already been thoroughly tested during the prototype and development phase, the final site needs to be tested on all desired platforms, browsers and browser versions.

It is also essential to trial the UX design with a test group of users to assure there are no flaws in the final version .



Now the solution is ready for launch. We prefer to launch projects early in the morning, so that our whole team can be on standby to handle unforeseen challenges or bugs during the first critical hours. In all projects we implement tracking, which we continuously analyze while the solution is live.



The final stage of the project is post-launch maintenance. For solutions that are meant to be online for a longer period of time, it is important to constantly test the site. Unexpected bugs can still occur a long time after launch, due to factors including upgrades on servers, external API changes (e.g Facebook, Twitter etc), browser updates or other unforeseen changes.