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Cannes Lions breakfast app
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Download the app here:
(booking was only available in Cannes during the festival)

The Case Video

This is a little story about how our small Scandinavian agency managed to stand out as a high-end digital production agency at the Cannes Lions festival.

The Concept

If you're in the creative business, Cannes Lions is the single most important event to attend. The 60 year-old festival draws thousands of industry people to Cannes for over a week of learning, networking and partying.

We knew Cannes could be the perfect venue to demonstrate our skills. At the same time, we wanted to care for existing clients and connect with new contacts by starting a fresh dialogue. At Good Morning, our strategy has always been to focus on delivering high-end design and technology. We had to stand out of the crowd at Cannes as a digital production agency with a unique sense for quality of design.

Drawing inspiration from our agency name, we focused our attack on the morning, avoiding the already crowded roster of evening events.

How It Works

  • 1.Download app from
  • 2.Review our
    breakfast menu
  • 3.Select your position
    on the map
  • 4.Select prefered time
    for delivery
  • 5.Enter your
    contact details. Voila!

The Design

Automatically find your location or
add delivery address
Select preferred time frame

The Illustrations

To spice up the rather simple functionality, we focused on high-res illustrations to communicate the visual quality we stand for. Featuring an illustration of a luxurious breakfast, we hoped to make the app feel appetising and refined.

The television series Mad Men is immensely popular with people in the ad business. Our retro design drew from the show's sleek sophistication, and its "work hard, party hard" ethos. We included a surprise bottle of wine in a few of the breakfast packages as an extra nod to the 1960's ad lifestyle. The high-res key art featured a bottle of whiskey and glasses, visualizing the festive mood in
Cannes. The app design won
compliments throughout the
festival week. We connected
with a lot of people, many of
whom wanted to work with us
in the future.

Whiskey Illustration

Juice glas Illustration

Whiskey glas Illustration

The Typography

Once we had a solid foundation for the illustrations, we began work on the typography. We know that good typography lets the written word say more.

Template designs are dreadfully boring to navigate, and create an inferior experience for the user, so we started from scratch. The typography compliments the overall design, creating a sleek, flowing appearance, even on on a small mobile screens. Our passion for the form and appearance of words drives our typography design. A lot of time and effort were spent finding the perfect combination of fonts. We landed on a combination of script, condensed, and hand-drawn fonts, and we think it came out very well.