Founded 2010


— Good Morning is a creative agency situated in Oslo, Norway. By combining good thinking, creativity and technology we want to help brands grow into a future in need of more sustainable solutions.


Who are we

Good Morning consists of 15 employees and has its office in downtown Oslo. The agency was founded by four entrepreneurs in 2010, producing cutting edge digital productions with focus on design and technology. Over the years we have grown from being a production agency into become a marketing agency that also works with strategy, creativity, content and advertising.


What we believe in


Humans are using 1,6 planet every year. In short: We are taking out 60% more resources than the planet is able to regenerate. Which mean we are dangerously living on credit. In Norway alone the number is 2,8 planets, and we are consuming 3 times more today than 30 years ago. So obviously something has to change. The question is simply: Do you want to be a part of that change or not.


Marketeers are the turbo of consumerism. But can we also be the turbo on sustainable the development? We think so. There are lot’s of research already proving that sustainable businesses are more successful. But as with digital there is a window of opportunity if you want to build a competitive advantage for you brand. So if you are ready, move before it’s to late.


We strongly believe that when cool people and cool brands start to advocate sustainability, we actually stand a chance to change the world. This is not done by painting a grim picture of the future, but embracing change and taking part in the positiv movement for a better future for everyone.


In a world where everyone is a provider of content, the ability to make outstanding ideas, design and services is not just a need - it’s business crucial. That’s all there is to it, whatever the guys or girls with the next buzzword powerpoint will tell you.


Regardless of all our tools for optimizing the message, we are still invading peoples private space with advertising. When every company, organization and individual is a medium, we must create stories and services people would want to talk about, instead of saying something no-one bothers listening to.


No code or no design in the world, can save a bad idea or a lame sales pitch. It’s at the intersection of insight, creativity and technology we will find the most efcient marketing ideas is the future.

What we do

1: Marketing

Good Morning consists of interdisciplinary skills and helps organizations to create communication that convinces the end user. We begin at the strategic level, before creative concepts are developed - which are then taken out in both analogue and digital channels. What perhaps distinguishes us the most compared to other agencies, is that we produce the digital solution inhouse ourselves.

2: Service development

Several companies have in recent years seen the values ​​of building their own digital services. It may be services such as the Ruter ticket app or Vipps payment app, or there may be services that define the entire company, such as Uber. Not only do they add real value to the end user, but the service itself becomes part of the branding of the company. We work holistically with mapping the needs of the users to the finished product, as well as content and follow-up. Read more about our thoughts on services.

3: Websites

A good website is the hub for both earned and paid channels. Our award winning designers and developers produce tailor made sites for our customer. Our multidisciplinary expertise ensures that it is user-friendly, search-optimized and engaging.

4: Consulting

Technology evolves so fast that most companies fail to adapt, and many industries are turned upside down since new digital solutions appear on the market constantly, that make work more efficient and accurate. We work strategically around how businesses can use technology to gain market share or restructure the organization.


How we work

In an industry characterized by buzzwords, we wish to be straightforward and call a spade a spade. Good Morning works according to 6 principles to create awareness for a brand or a product:

1: Strategy

To create communications that works, target audience must be mapped and objectives clearly outlined before we can do anything else. A solid strategy and plan is the foundation for successful communication.

2: Story

As we are constantly being peppered by advertisement in our everyday life, it is important to find the stories people actually want to hear. We believe in using creativity to create stories that speak to the hearts of people.

3: Craft

A great story deserves a great storyteller. Whether that is achieved by design, programming, animation, film or text, it needs to be experienced seamlessly. Solid craftsmanship is in our DNA and should arouse curiosity and admiration.

4: Spread

An idea or a story is not worth anything if it does not reach out to people. Therefore, we use time to facilitate diversification in own, earned and paid media. Sometimes we use ambassadors, other times we boost the message using Facebook advertising. Regardless on the client or who we are trying to reach, we always produce a distribution plan.

5: Adjustment and optimization

The time when you measured, analyzed and reported once the campaign is over, is definitely in the past. To keep up the pressure during the entire campaign period, analysis and adjustments are made in real time. This means that content will be changed and adapted continuously to give the best results.

6: Conversion

Once you have the attention of people, it is important to make conversions. By collecting data and points of contact, we are able to work systematically with communication afterwards.


Why do we do this

We are a unique generation.

We remember the time you had to be careful when calling long distance calls on your landline phone, and when the modem made biip-biip sounds when connecting to the internet in 33.6 kbps speed. The time when the chat via mIRC was frowned upon and we were branded as nerds.

Today it is something else entirely. Society, and the whole world, has changed because of technology and communication. Twitter played a significant role during the Arab Spring, Facebook has become such a big media channel that it threatens the traditional media, and Uber challenges the entire transport industry without owning a single car.

If the generations before us only knew! And generations after us will never believe us when we tell them about "the old days".

We who work in Good Morning are still nerds at heart. And we are nerds who want to make a difference. Either by developing a new service that no one has seen before, or by creating a story that is so fascinating that you will tell it to your grandchildren someday. The goal is to become the pioneers who will define the communications industry. It may sound a bit visionary, but the opportunities to do just that, has never been more potent than right now. Fortunately.

Do you think the technological progress is going too fast? The truth is that it never will go as slowly in the future as it does now.
- Eirik Fjellaksel, CEO & Advisor

Helge Onsum og Eirik Fjellaksel
The North Alliance founder Helge Onsum is working chairman at Good Morning. Here with CEO, Eirik Fjellaksel.


We believe in quality over quantity,
and awesomeness over lame marketing.